I’ve heard Biotin works, I’m assuming it’s a vitamin or something.

I’ve never really tried anything like that, let me know if you find something.

Oh, I also get inducted into National Art Honor Society on May 30 and I’ve been selling logos

No big deal or anything

Thank you! :)

Shampoo and conditioner. I learned how to make natural hairspray today and I may try that next.

I always want to talk to her. It doesn’t matter if we are fighting, if I’m sick, tired, busy. I would do anything for her to see a smile or hear her laugh. It makes you feel pretty much every emotion at once because you are scared and happy. I feel complete, relaxed, like I can be myself. I smile randomly throughout the day because I’m just thinking about her. Love is great, just have to be careful.

Officially accepted into a top design school

I was accepted on spot, as a junior, 5000.00 off tuition

So, I’m starting to make all of my own natural makeup, lotion, hair products.

It’s so much cheaper than buying it at a store and so much better for you.

Nothing. I’m pretty much sure


People who like their own Facebook and Instagram posts make sad

Huge college interview tomorrow and I have the most amazing girl in the world, I don’t think it could get any better.

Possibly going to DAAP for college but I literally have and interview with one of the top design schools in the country on Monday and I’m so nervous

My substitute teacher was talking to my friends about how gay people should have civil unions and not marriages.

I literally told him that I don’t think straight people should get married then because of the divorce rate and I walked away.

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